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This page provides a summary information on 20th of December 2017. Australian Immigration law is complex and is subject to constant regulatory and policy change. The information provided here may therefore be out-dated and no longer accurate.

The information provided above is a general guide only – it is not tailored for your specific circumstances or immigration purposes. In order to ensure your eligibility is accurately assessed and to allow for tactical decision making that would best suit your desired immigration outcome, it is essential that you enquire to schedule an initial consultation.

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These Terms & Conditions govern the provision of all services provided in relation to Migration and Citizenship advice, consultation and in the preparation and lodgement of visa and citizenship applications and other ancillary services for their clients.

Goods & Services Provided

Reality-Maker Pty Ltd ATF RM Trust provides a service being immigration&citizenship advice and visa&citizenship application assistance for persons applying for visas to Australia and the Australian citizenship and advice on general circumstances surround immigration status, including downloadable products as variety of assistance.
All advice and services are provided as and by Registered Australian Migration Agent(s) (MARNs) in confidence and in accordance with Section 276 of the Migration Act 1958 (CTH) as employer(s) of Reality-Maker Pty Ltd ATF RM Trust.
If you are using our online payment system then the currency used is Australian dollars (AUD). Any fees listed on our website are in Australian dollars (AUD). Any other service not listed in the website will be quoted for upon request.
If you use our services we will provide you with an Immigration Service Agreement. The “service agreement” is a formal contract between you and Reality-Maker Pty Ltd ATF RM Trust and applies to the use and offering of our professional services to provide immigration, visa, citizenship and related advice and the performance or execution of written instructions, as accepted by us. You must read, agree with and accept any terms and conditions set out below, and any terms and conditions expressly contained in any written service agreement provided to you and that by continuing to use or access the website or services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by our terms and conditions please do not use or access our services.
Once you accept our terms and conditions, you will have agreed to appointing us to perform a service, for which a fee may be charged. If you do not understand the fee that you are to be charged, then it is your responsibility to kindly contact the us by the phone or by email us to request a written quotation (Fee Estimate) from a Registered Migration Agent.
You are requested to also read a copy of the Consumer Guide. By accepting to make payment you acknowledge that you have obtained and reviewed this document.

Our Obligation to You

It’s our commitment to make all the details about your transaction as clear as we possibly can. That is what this document is for: to give you the right information you need, so you can get the best value out of your service.
It’s also designed to provide you with a convenient way of accessing our services – so you can save time and get answers quickly.
We encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions and to keep them handy so you can refer to them when you have questions.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our monthly newsletter (if applicable) and to personalise your shopping experience with us; that’s all.

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We do not keep a record of the IP addresses from which users access our site except where you have specifically provided us with information about yourself, in which case we also record your IP address for security purposes. An example of this would be when proceeding to a checkout to finalise an order you may wish to make. After completing the form provided, your IP address will be stored along with a transaction number that allows us to track your order.

Please be assured that our Migration Agents are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Registered Migration Agents are bound by a Code of Conduct and are required to have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure and meet high professional and ethical standards, including privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. You may obtain a copy of the Code of Conduct and Consumer Guide.

In addition to our obligations under Migration legislation, we have a general duty of confidentiality towards you, except in the following circumstances:

Where disclosure is compelled by law
Where there is a duty to the public to disclose
Where the interests of Reality-Maker Pty Ltd ATF RM Trust require disclosure
Where disclosure is made with your express or implied consent.

Your Email Address

We may use your email address to provide your consultation advice.
You need to keep your email address current.
You may update your email address to our email address, quoting your Full Name and Reference Number. If you do not provide us with a correct email address, you may not receive important information regarding your matter.
Your email address will not be shared with any organisation external to us. It is our policy not to sell, trade, or rent your personal information to any third party.
It is our policy to only email marketing material to customers who give us permission to do so. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you give us this permission. If we send you an email other than an email containing no more than factual information (for example, an email advising you that these Terms and Conditions have changed), we will give you the option of not receiving further communications of this nature. This will allow you to opt-out of receiving emails containing marketing material at any time you wish.

Your mobile phone number

We may use your Mobile Phone number and any other instant messaging services associated with it to send you any information relevant to the service we are providing.
You need to keep your Mobile Phone number current. You may update your Mobile Phone number by contacting us via e-mail

Please contact Reality-Maker Pty Ltd ATF RM Trust if:
Your mobile phone has been lost or stolen;
Your mobile phone is not operational;
Any associated with your mobile phone instant messaging services you use to communicate with us are not in use.

We recommend that you nominate a Mobile Phone that is used by you exclusively. If the Mobile Phone is also used by other people, they may receive, or be able to access messages intended for you as part of the services provided by us.

Your Mobile Phone number or any other instant messaging services associated with it will not be shared with any organisation external to us. It is our policy not to sell, trade, or rent your personal information to any third party.

On-Line Payment Terms And Conditions

Payments for our services can be made on-line via e-Way through this web site. The payment processing service (“Payment Service”) is provided by a third party (E-Way).
These terms and conditions together with the Terms of Use will apply to the Payment Service provided by the third party provider. Any reference to the phrase “this web site” in these terms and conditions also incorporates by definition the third party’s website.
By using the Payment Service you agree to the terms and conditions.

Fees and Charges

There are no establishment or ongoing fees for accessing our online payment service.

Modification or suspension

Without notice or liability to you we may in our sole discretion and at any time:

1. Vary the payment methods accepted by and/or the consultation and/or services that may be paid for through the Payment Service.
2. Cancel or suspend the Payment Service or alter any part of it.

When a payment is made

When making a payment via the Payment Service, your payment will not be deemed to have been made until such time as:

1. You have entered via the Payment Service your reference number, your name, and all other information required by us to obtain payment;
2. We receive all of the Information from you; and
3. Your payment has been received in full payment for all applicable amounts due for the service.
If we receive payment but it is subsequently reversed or dishonored for any reason whatsoever then the payment will be deemed not to have been made to us.

You should check your account records carefully and promptly report to us as soon as you become aware of any payments that you think are errors or that you did not authorize or you think were made by someone else without your permission.

Refunds Policy

1. As soon as payment is received, the client is deemed to have engaged our services. Our service is our professional advice and expertise. Once the service has been provided to the client it cannot be returned.
2. There is no refund of any fees paid to us where the client’s visa application has been lodged to the Department of Immigration.
3. Where a client pays us for an assessment service /consultation to review the clients profile or documents for eligibility to apply for a visa or related matters, the assessment /consultation fees are non-refundable once we have started to assess the clients profile or should the client decide for any reason not to proceed.
4. If a client application becomes ineligible due to Australian Government, Immigration law or Immigration Authorities policy changes that have been introduced after the client engages to us and prior to a visa or citizenship application being lodged or relevant skills assessing authorities, there is no refund of our professional fees.
5. If a client wishes to discontinue an application and that application has not been submitted to the Immigration Authorities, there is no refund of our professional fees.
6. Disbursement fees such as Immigration or skills assessing authority application fees can only be refunded to clients where the application has not yet been submitted to the authorities.
7. If a client wishes to withdraw any application after the application has been lodged to authorities there is no refund of our professional fees or authority application fees

Guarantee of Visa

We agree to handle your case to the very best of our ability, and to do all that is reasonably and ethically in our power to bring about desirable results. We agree not to mislead you as to your prospects of success in your case. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy arising from changes to such legislation and policy which are not publicly available at the time the Service is provided or which may occur after the service has been provided. The accuracy of our advice depends on the exhaustive, correct information provided by you. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy of our advice due to the incorrect/misleading information provided to us on your part with respect to your circumstances. We are not part of the Australian Government or Immigration Authorities and we do not have the authority to grant you a visa. We can only assist and advise you in your migration to Australia. Please note the final decision on all visa applications and citizenship are made by the Immigration Authorities/Australian Government

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We endeavour at all times to make the site as accessible as reasonably possible to disabled users. In no way do we seek to deliberately discriminate against disabled users access to the website service.
Disputes and jurisdiction
Each provision within the terms and conditions are severable and any provision which is void or could render the terms and conditions void is excluded.
The terms and conditions are governed by the law in force of State Of Queensland and each party agreeing to the terms and conditions submits to this. Also by agreeing to the terms and conditions you waive any claim that such courts are an inconvenience.

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